Sarah is a Dutch singer&songwriter who brings you soothing, emotional music, carried by a voice that makes you feel at ease. Born in 1992, she's had her fair struggle with the term 'millennial', bringing her lots of inspiration...

Graduating the ArtEZ Conservatorium in july 2018, she's now focussing on writing & releasing music, as well as teaching the next generation of singers. Her own teachers include, amongst others, the following names:

- Yori Swart   

- Bertolf Lentink   

- Zosja El Rhazi  

- Ineke Vlogtman  

Besides her own music, she's been a part of the band Tracey Silhouette, alongside her brother. Livingroom-concerts and shows at bigger stages such as Hedon Zwolle & Bevrijdingsfestival Zwolle gave her the needed experience being part of a band.

Her debut-EP is called HIGHER and is to be listened to at all platforms. Make sure to subscribe to the mailinglist, or follow her on one of the social media above in the header if you're interested in her musical journey. 

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